OCBC joins DBS-UOB in New Launch price war

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OCBC joins the BUC new launch price war at a descending rate of 0.7% and ending at 0.55% in year 4.

for me, I am now vested in a small cap ang moh bank with lower risk and higher return than these big sinkie 3 banks. the share price of this bank does not care about the broad market. It is a simple deposit and loan bank. no need worry about what toxic assets. no need to worry about the bank CEO got big ego and and do funny acquisitions.(like.

 · OCBC joins DBS-UOB in New Launch price war. As the rates were already 0.6% (with conditions to buy mortgage insurance) and 0.65% (No conditions) were already very low, we speculated that no new player will join the fray and if they did, they would most likely only “Match” the rates and not go lower.

wengkitcheong. Reply to @MrWolf: "This will help foster fintech development in Hong Kong and promote financial inclusion," the Hong Kong Association of Banks said in a statement. "The industry can leverage this opportunity to develop new business models." Virtual banks are similar to traditional retail banking services in that they will be able to accept deposits and give out loans.

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urn:newsml:reuters.com:*:nS0N21R01C "Despite the increase in gold prices (on Monday), technicalanalysis suggests that downward pressure on the yellow metalcontinues to manifest," OCBC analysts said in.

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OCBC, however, is a strong AAA rated brand. Mr Dixit said it would be an interesting space to watch for the next 2-3 years as UOB tries to topple them from their numer 2 position in Singapore and in Asean. Of the total 36 AAA rated (brand strength rating) bank brands globally, 6 are from Asean, with DBS and OCBC both being AAA rated brands.

SimplyJesMe: DBS Multiplier vs POSB, OCBC, UOB, BOC. To get more than UOB One account interest at 2.43% or OCBC 360 at 1.85%, you will have to transact more than $15,000 a month. Who is it beneficial to 1) For people who earn more than $15k – The high bonus interest at 2% to 3.5% is quite lucrative.

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